Seafloor to platform
Seafloor to platform...
...failure is NOT an option
Extreme temperatures to rugged terrains
Extreme temperatures to rugged terrains...
...failure is NOT an option
Raw materials to finished metal
Raw materials to
finished metal...
...failure is NOT an option
Ground support to flight deck
Ground support to flight deck...
...failure is NOT an option
Blasting to mining
...failure is NOT an option
Blasting to mining...
Port to port
Port to port...
...failure is NOT an option
Test stands to tarmac
Test stands to tarmac...
...failure is NOT an option

Custom Products

Enprotech Manifold medium

Custom Pressure Control System
Multifunction control system designed to replace multiple components on a Hydroform press application.

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Dynex manufactures hydraulic components and systems for use on mobile and industrial machinery. These pumps, valves, motors and power units have been sold worldwide for over 60 years. Products include high-pressure piston pumps, high-pressure directional and pressure control valves, heavy-duty piston motors for demanding conditions, and electrohydraulic actuators for remote control. Dynex also builds standard hydraulic power units or specialized systems for demanding conditions including high pressure and special fluids.

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