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Dynex History

Dynex/Rivett Inc. History Dates to 1884

Man Working on Lathe at Rivett Circa 1928

Rivett Lathe and Grinder was founded in 1884 to manufacture precision machine tools. In the 1940’s it expanded its line to include hydraulic valves and cylinders.

The Dynex Company was founded in 1956 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as a division of Applied Power. Dynex developed high pressure pumps, motors and valves.

Rivett was acquired by Applied Power in 1967 and manufacturing was moved to the Dynex facility in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Combining Dynex and Rivett extended the company’s products to serve both mobile and industrial applications.

In 1974, Applied Power hired Raymond M. Warell as Vice President and General Manager.

In 1977, Dynex and Rivett were offered for sale. Mr. Warell purchased the divisions and the company was incorporated as Dynex/Rivett Inc. The new company sold its high pressure hydraulic products for use in demanding applications worldwide.

In 2008, Raymond A. Warell was named President. Dynex/Rivett Inc. remains privately owned and managed today.

A Dynex checkball pump was the heart of the hydraulic system on this cement mixer (circa 1961).

The strengths of the Dynex line, combined with the broad Rivett product line, made for a very diversified hydraulic powerhouse.