Checkball Pump Benefits 3

For over 60 years Dynex has been continually producing, and constantly improving the Checkball hydraulic pump. Why? Because it works! This unique pump design has proven effective in hydraulic systems with the most demanding conditions including:

  • Pressure spikes
  • Contamination
  • Dirty environments
  • Special fluids
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Long duty cycles
  • High pressures

Pumps operate reliably with low-lubricity, low-viscosity fluids. The checkball piston design, with rotating bearing plate, reduces internal loading for lower starting torque and long life operation.

Origina Checkball Pump

Multiple Output Models

Split-Flow® pumps can provide multiple outputs for synchronized actuator movement or multiple function circuits.

These multiple outlet pumps can supply flow in a circuit with changing flow and pressure requirements. This makes them ideal for Hi-Lo circuits on clamping, pressing, high-torque tools and other similar applications.

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