Checkball Pump Benefits
PF1000 Series Pump

Origina Checkball PumpFor over 60 years Dynex has been continually producing, and constantly improving the Checkball hydraulic pump. Why? Because it works! This unique pump design has proven effective in hydraulic systems with the most demanding conditions including:

  • Pressure spikes
  • Contamination
  • Dirty environments
  • Special fluids
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Long duty cycles
  • High pressures

High Pressure Capability

Checkball pumps have some of the highest pressure ratings. Some models can operate at pressures up to 20 000 psi (1380 bar).

Bi-directional Rotation

Checkball pumps are bi-directional (constant flow is provided regardless of the direction of shaft rotation).

High Efficiency Design

The checkball pump design uses check valves to direct flow from the pump inlet to the outlet. The positive-seating check valves provi­de high volumetric efficiency, especially at higher pressures.

Contamination Tolerant

The outlet check valves provide a relatively large flushing path for any system contamination. This design advantage makes checkball pumps ideal for systems where the fluid cannot be totally cleaned by filtration, or where it is just not economical.

Improved Performance with Low-Viscosity Fluids

The positive-seating action of the check valves provides better wear and greater volumetric efficiency, even with lower-viscosity fluids and higher pressures.

No Lubricating Oil Required

With a single-fluid design, only the pumped fluid is required for internal lubrication, eliminating the cost of a secondary lubrication circuit and regular maintenance. Cross-fluid system contamination is also avoided.

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Multiple Output Models

Split-Flow® pumps can provide multiple outputs for synchronized actuator movement or multiple function circuits.

These multiple outlet pumps can supply flow in a circuit with changing flow and pressure requirements. This makes them ideal for Hi-Lo circuits on clamping, pressing, high-torque tools and other similar applications.

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