Pumps for Special Fluids

Pumps for Special Fluids

Pumps for Water-Based, Fire-Resistant, and Other Special Fluids

The checkball pump’s ability to operate with a combination of high or low viscosity and with either high or low lubricity fluids offers remarkable flexibility. Dynex hydraulic pumps operate within a wide range of recommended viscosities from 31.6 to 3,142 SUS (1,5 to 680 cSt). Dynex water glycol pumps are widely used in the offshore oil & gas industry.
Dynex PF4300 Water Glycol Checkball Pump

Dynex PF4300 Water Glycol Pump

PF1300 Checkball Pump

PF1300 Water Glycol Pump

Fluid Compatibility List

Various pump models are compatible with a variety of special fluids. Because many conditions affect successful operation, contact the Dynex sales department for a review of your application using any of these special fluids. This is a partial list which is updated regularly. Not all compatible fluids are shown here.
Water Glycol
  • ACT FR WG 200-D
  • Castrol Transaqua HT, HT2, HC
  • Citgo Glycol FR-40 XD
  • Citgo Glycol FR-5046 HP
  • Houghto-safe 419
  • Houghto-safe 620
  • Houghton Aqualink 300
  • Houghton Aqualink HT-804
  • Oceanic HW443
  • Oceanic HW525
  • Oceanic HW540
  • Oceanic HW740
  • Ucon Hydrolube HP-5046
Other Water-Based Fluids
  • 95-5 Fluid
Diesel Calibration Fluids
  • Viscor
Biodiesel Fuel Production
  • Vegetable Oils
Phosphate Ester
  • Brake Fluids
  • Skydrol Fluids
Military Fluids
  • MIL-H-46170
  • MIL-H-5606
  • MIL-H-6083
  • MIL-H-83282
Other Synthetic Fluids
  • Isopar Solvents
  • Quintolubric 822 (Polyol ester)
Machining Coolant
  • Milicron Cimtech 310
Special Fluid Beakers

Applications include:

  • Wellhead Safety Control Systems
  • Blowout Preventer (BOP) Systems
  • Diesel Calibration Testing
  • Biodiesel Fuel Production
  • Hydrostatic Roll Balance Systems
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Hydraulic Test-Stands
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Industrial Coolant Supply Systems
  • Hydroform Presses

Pumps for water-based fluids include:

PF1300 Series Pumps
PF4300 Series Pumps

Pumps for Aerospace Testing

Dynex checkball pumps provide exceptional performance in the harsh conditions required for testing aerospace components. Pumps operate at pressures to 20,000 psi, using a wide range of phosphate ester fluids, and various MIL-SPEC fluids.  

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