Dynex designs 10,000 psi control system for Hydroform press retrofit

A press manufacturer needed a solution to upgrade their hydraulic system on older model hydroform presses. Many of these presses have been operating successfully for many decades but needed to be refurbished. As a manufacturer with an extremely long history of developing high pressure pumps and valves for hydraulic presses, Dynex had the expertise to design a complete aftermarket solution that could drop right into their existing system. 

This custom solution provides proportional pressure control and safety relief for the 10,000 psi (700 bar) circuit in a space efficient, manifold assembly. Consolidating multiple functions into a single unit reduced plumbing and improved ease of service.

Multiple Dynex components were used in this solution, including: An H8819 proportional pressure relief valve rated for 50 gpm (190 L/min) at 15,000 psi (1040 bar), a VHR safety relief valve, and check valves.

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Charlie Brown

Vice President of Global Sales – Dynex/Rivett Inc.