Hydraulics for Industrial Applications

Anywhere you find work being done hydraulically, you’ll find Dynex hydraulic products. Dynex checkball pumps operate at high pressures, are contamination resistant, cavitation resistant, and operate on a wide range of fluids. One Split-Flow® pump can supply independent flows in a circuit with changing flow and pressure requirements. This makes them ideal for Hi-Lo circuits on clamping, pressing, high-torque tools and other applications.

Dynex also manufactures a full line of directional and pressure control valves including high pressure valves rated to 15,000 psi (1040 bar). Our valves are ideal for applications where simple, compact and affordable spool valves are required.

Dynex products are chosen because of our proven performance and trusted service.

Hydroform Press

Dynex PF4200, PF4300, and PF6000 series pumps are used in hydroform presses.

Applications Include:

  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Machine Tools
  • Fatigue Testing
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