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Dynex products for use in this industry:

PV6070 Series Variable Delivery Checkball Pumps

  • IACS certified.
  • Bi-directional Rotation.
  • Pressures to 3500 psi (240 bar).
  • Maximum displacement to 7.0 cu. in/rev. (114.7 cc/rev.)
  • Flow: 35.4 gpm (134,0 L/min) @ 1800 RPM
  • Integral pressure compensation for energy efficient performance.
  • Contamination tolerant, for operation in dirty environments.
  • A wide range of fluid compatibility, for reliable operation with low lubricity, low viscosity fluids.
PV6070 Pressure Compensated Pumps
PV6070 Pressure Compensated Pumps

Dynex PV6070 Pressure Compensated Pump Developed for Marine Use

A manufacturer of large diesel engines approached us about developing a custom pump for their engines.

The requirements for this pump included:

  • Electrohydraulic compensation
  • Flow that would not switch ports when the input shaft rotation was reversed
  • Pump speeds that vary from very slow to 1800 rpm

A newer 4-20mA electrohydraulic compensator was developed to meet their specifications. The bi-directional design of our Checkball pump provides constant flow regardless of drive shaft rotation. Whether operating clockwise or counterclockwise the pump inlet and outlet maintained their functionality. The Checkball pump design allowed for varying speed range with minimal changes.

Prototypes were delivered and tested. Trials proved successful.

Dynex worked closely with the customer to meet and exceed their specific needs. These pumps are now an integral part of the engine and are in wide use all around the world.

After this first project, this customer requested a new pump be designed for their larger engines, but that’s a whole other story.

Learn more about Dynex products for marine propulsion!
Learn more about Dynex products for marine propulsion!
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