Dynex Split-Flow pumps provide multiple function control on blast-hole drill rig.

PV6000 Series Pumps

  • Hydraulically controlled variable delivery.
  • Pressures to 6000 psi (420 bar).
  • Bi-directional rotation providing constant flow direction regardless of drive shaft rotation.
  • Contamination tolerant, for operation in dirty environments.
  • Split-Flow® models can supply independent flows from multiple outlets.

Pumps withstand extremes on Blast-Hole Drill Rig

Blast-Hole Drill Rigs operate almost 24 hours a day preparing sites for demolition at a mine site. These systems are pushed to their maximum capabilities under extreme conditions. The hydraulic system needs to perform reliably in remote locations where maintenance is not easy to conduct.

Dynex checkball pumps with Split-Flow technology provide a simple but effective solution. The checkball design provides the reliability that the pumps will operate in extreme temperatures and under heavy shock loads during work. The Split-Flow technology allows synchronous or independent control of multiple systems to operate the machine quickly and efficiently. Operators around the world recognize Dynex for its proven performance and trusted service.

Split-Flow PV6000 Series Pump
Dynex PV6000 Series Split-Flow pump
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