New Dynex Hi-Lo Pump reduces manufacturing time for wheel manufacturer!

GKN Armstrong Wheels Inc. wanted to replace a heavily used power unit on a press that punches holes. They were having occasional trouble punching all the way through the rim. An upgrade to the system was needed in order to improve their throughput.

A new hydraulic power unit was designed by our distributor IFP Motion Solutions Inc. using a Dynex PF1100 Pump, which we refer to as a Hi-Lo Pump. This split-flow pump has two outlets – one outlet provides the high-flow to quickly move the cylinder to the rim. The second outlet provides low flow at high pressure (15,000 psi [1040 bar]) to punch the hole. The use of this pump resulted in a reduction of time required by a factor of four!

The old unit would take around 12 seconds to punch the hole. This used to be a bottle neck for the assembly line as the punch could not keep up with the rim press. Now the punch takes about 3 seconds.

– GKN Armstrong Wheels Inc.

If you have an application that may benefit from a Hi-Lo pump, contact us today and let’s talk!

Charlie Brown

Vice President of Global Sales – Dynex/Rivett Inc.