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The design process begins when you make contact with Dynex. We’ll work with you to understand your unique application and use our resources to propose the most appropriate solution that fits your requirements. See the graphic below for a detailed step-by-step explanation.


1. Application Request

Dynex works with you to evaluate your needs along with all other aspects of the HPU requirement. This is detailed in an Application Worksheet.

Power Unit Application Worksheet

2. Input Review

Dynex team members review the design parameters and develop a proposal reconfirming inputs.

3. Design Evaluation & Cost Estimate

A cost estimate for the materials and labor to develop the design proposal is established and provided to you as a formal quote.

4. Order

Dynex receives your purchase order along with any deposit required where necessary.

5. Engineered Layout

Dynex Engineering begins layout of the system and all detail work to complete the assembly and test.

6. Customer Approval

The layout of the HPU is reviewed and signed off by you.

7. Build & Test

After your confirmation, Dynex begins to fabricate and assemble the HPU. Once assembled, it is tested to confirm capability.

8. Delivery

The HPU is crated and shipped to your facility or your customer's location.

9. After Sales Support

Commissioning, startup, and any after sales support is available and can be provided upon request.

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VT Series HPU

A custom example of an HPU we could build for you!