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All Manifolds are tested prior to shipment.

Manifolds are primarily used to consolidate plumbing and reduce the number of connections in a system. Using various materials such as aluminum, ductile iron, or grades of steel, a customized manifold assembly can help system designers create a powerful yet compact layout.

Dynex designs and builds space saving, multi-station manifold solutions that meet your specific needs.

We can provide various options including standard parallel manifolds for pressures up to 10 000 psi (700 bar). Custom manifolds can even be designed for pressures up to 15 000 psi (1040 bar).

Dynex can also provide multi-station manifolds for customers to integrate into their own assemblies.

Our engineering team incorporates any mixture of manufactured and sourced components within the design to ensure the customer’s application works as planned.


  • R&D and Production Test Stands
  • Hydrostatic Roll Balance
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Rock Crushing Equipment
  • Military and Industrial Testing
  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Power Packs for High-Torque Tools
  • Tunneling and Pipe Jacking
  • Multiple-outlet Systems for Lifting and Jacking
  • Accumulator Systems
  • Aircraft Ground-Support Equipment (GSE)
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