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HP05 High Pressure Valves

DYNEX HP05 – N.F.P.A. (Special High Pressure Pattern) DIRECTIONAL CONTROL VALVES

Nominal Flow: 5 gpm (19 L/min), Max Flow: 25 gpm (95 L/min)
Rated Pressure: 8 000 psi (560 bar)

  • Actuator Options include: Direct Solenoid; Hydraulic Piloted; Air Piloted.
  • Special mounting pattern required.
  • Full range of Spool types, Actuators, Electrical connections and Solenoid options.
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Product Specifications

Operator OptionsDynex SeriesNominal Flow
U.S. gpm | L/min
Maximum Flow
U.S. gpm | L/min
Maximum Pressure
Maximum Pressure (bar)
Solenoid Direct650051925958000560
External Hydraulic Pilot680051910388000560
External Air Pilot690051910388000560

Valve Selection Notes

  1. Although similar to standard N.F.P.A. D05 (CETOP #5) valves in size, HP05 valves require a special high pressure mounting pattern.


3D Model


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