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PV6000 Series Pressure Compensated Pumps


31.1 to 61,4 gpm (117,7 to 232,4 L/min) at 1800 rpm
Rated: 6 000 psi (420 bar), Maximum: 8 500 psi (590 bar)

  • High-flow, high-pressure.
  • Integral pressure compensation for energy efficient performance.
  • Contamination tolerant, for operation in dirty environments.
  • A wide range of fluid compatibility, for reliable operation with low-lubricity, low viscosity fluids.
  • Shaft Options: Standard keyed, Optional spline.
  • Seal Options: Standard Fluorocarbon (with high pressure shaft seal), Optional EPR seals for use with some phosphate ester fluids.
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Product Specifications

Pump ModelsFlow at 1500 rpm
U.S. gpm | L/min
Flow at 1800 rpm
U.S. gpm | L/min
Rated Pressure
psi | bar
Max. Intermittent Pressure
Max. Intermittent Pressure
Rated Speed
Max. Speed
Pressure Compensated with Volume Stem Control:

Pump Selection Notes

  1. Please contact the Dynex sales department for a complete model code to order these pumps.
  2. Output flows are based on typical performance at rated pressure with pressurized inlet where required. PV6000 Series pumps with ports for standard S.A.E. fittings are not recommended for operation above 8000 psi (560 bar). Contact the fitting manufacturer for the pressure rating of the fitting.
  3. These models are for clockwise rotation (viewed from shaft end).


3D Model


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