VT Series – Vertical Tank Power Units

VT Series power units provide a compact package with a small footprint. A wide range of pumps, valves, electric motors, filters, controls and accessories are available. Compatible with a wide-range of fluids. Prime movers are available to 50 HP (37,29 kW) and reservoirs to 50 gallons (189,3 L/min).

Max. Operating PressureUp to 20 000 psi (1379 bar)
Flow Range0.1 to 20 GPM (0,379 to 75,6 L/min)
Power0.50 to 50 HP (0,373 to 37,29 kW)
Reservoir CapacityUp to 50 gallons 189,3 liters)
Power SourceElectric, Diesel, Gasoline, Pneumatic



Standard Features Include

  • Removable top cover
  • System pressure relief valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Individually tested
  • Enamel or epoxy finish
  • Assembly drawing
  • Schematic
  • Parts list

Available Options Include

Stainless steel construction – Filter (Pressure and/or Return) – Accumulator(s) – Heat exchanger – Motor controls/starter – Service manual.


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