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Many of our customers have requirements that can’t be satisfied with catalog items.

A major advantage that Dynex offers to our customers is our ability to modify existing products or develop new products that meet a customer's specific design requirements.

So if we don’t presently offer a product that satisfies your requirements, we will consider developing something specific to your application. In fact, many of the products we develop are based on customer requests.

Developing custom solutions is something we're excited about, so contact us anytime, or fill out an Application Worksheet.

Custom Products

A dedicated, state-of-the-art, four-axis machining center offers speed and flexibility for new product development.

Custom Product Examples

Enprotech Manifold large

Custom pressure control system designed for press retrofit

Multifunction, control system designed to replace multiple components on Hydroform press application.

Manifold mounted design replaces separate components.
Reduces plumbing and saves space.
Designed specifically to customer’s specifications.

10 000 psi (700 bar) capability.

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PV6070 Pressure Compensated Pumps

PV6070 Pressure Compensated Pump – Developed for Marine Use

IACS class certified, pressure compensated, servo oil pump (SOP).

Max. Pressure to: 3500 psi (240 bar
Flow: 49.0 gpm (185,5 L/min) @ 1800 RPM

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PF6023 Split Flow Pump

PF6023J1252 High-Pressure, Split-Flow Checkball Pump

New 3-piece construction allows for easy conversion from full-flow to multiple outlet configurations. Up to 8 independent flows are possible from this pump.

Soon to be released as a standard configurable (matrix) model.

Typical applications: Test Stands, High-pressure Lifting Systems, Hydraulic Presses.

Max. Pressure to: 15 000 psi (1040 bar)
Flow Rate: 12 gpm (45,4 L/min), 1800 rpm

Proportional Relief Valve

Z-5052 High-Pressure Electrohydraulic Proportional Relief Valve

High Pressure Relief with Proportional Pilot Control.
Pressures to: 15 000 psi (1040 bar)

Flow Rate:
15 gpm Nominal
30 gpm Max.

Integrated Hydraulic Package

Integrated Hydraulic Packages

Complete Pump/ Valve Combinations. Integral Control Options.

Eliminate high pressure connections.
Reduce costs of plumbing and saves space.

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PV7190 Variable Delivery Pump

PV7000 Variable Delivery Pressure Compensated Pumps

These pumps are bi-directional and supply infinitely variable flow, controlled by an integral pressure compensator. A variable electrical signal, sent to a variable solenoid on the compensator, controls pump output flow.

Max. Pressure to: 5000 psi (350 bar)
Rated Flow to: 140 gpm (530 L/min.) at 3500 psi (240 bar), 1800 rpm

Combination Valve

Combination Valve

Provides Directional, Pressure and Unloading Control in one package.

Max. Pressure to: 10 000 psi (700 bar)
Max. Flow: 4.5 gpm (17 L/min)

PF4018 with Proportional Relief Valve

PF4018-J1253 Checkball Pump with Proportional Pressure Relief Valve

This full-flow pump features an integral proportional pressure relief valve, controlled by an electrical signal.

Designed for use on a component test stand with a variable speed drive, this configuration provides a wide range of pump output.

Max. Pressure to: 10 000 psi (700 bar)
Rated Flow to: 12.1 gpm (45,8 L/min)

H8819 Series Proportional Relief Valve

H8819 E10/E24 Proportional Relief Valve

These Electro-hydraulic valves let you remotely control the relief setting proportional to a variable electrical input signal.

Used on hydraulic presses - High-pressure test stands – Aerospace ground support equipment – Other applications requiring special fluids.

Rated Flow:
50 gpm at 15 000 psi (190 L/min at 1040 bar) or
75 gpm at 9000 psi (284 L/min at 620 bar)

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PF500-LT Cold Weather Pump

PF500-LT Series Pumps for Cold Weather Operation

Operation down to -58ºF (-50ºc). Ideal for mineral oil based panel systems and aerospace fluids.
Used on wellhead control panel systems – Solar-powered systems – Power packs on high-torque service tools.

Rated Pressure: 10 000 psi (700 bar), Max. Pressure: 15 000 psi (1040 bar)
Rated Flow: 0.21 to 0.69 gpm (0,79 to 2,59 L/min) at 1800 rpm