Split-Flow Pump Video Screenshot

Split-Flow Hydraulic Pumps for Simplified Circuits

Learn how Dynex hydraulic pumps, with Split-Flow technology, can simplify multiple-function hydraulic systems. With their ability to provide multiple flows from one pump, multiple pumps in a system can be replaced by one Dynex multiple-outlet pump.

Inside Checkball Pump Video Screenshot

Inside the Checkball Hydraulic Pump:

Design and Operating Advantages

An introduction to Dynex checkball hydraulic pumps and their unique design which allows them to operate reliably with a wide range of fluids at high pressures.

Advantages of Single Fluid Pump Video Screenshot

The Advantages of Single Fluid Pumps

In this video we outline the unique advantages of Single-fluid pumps vs. other designs which require a separate lubrication circuit. These pumps are compatible with water glycol, Viscor, Skydrol and other phosphate ester fluids, and various military fluids.

Coned & Threaded Hydraulic Fittings – a Primer

A detailed explanation of the distinctive features of the coned & threaded connections as well as a demonstration of installation of this type of fitting.

How to Replace Outlet Cover Video Screenshot

How to Replace the Outlet Cover on a Dynex Checkball Pump

In this video we show the basic procedure for replacing a outlet cover on a Dynex checkball pump. These pumps can be configured with different output covers. This provides the user the flexibility to change the port style, or even to convert a single-outlet pump to a split-flow (multiple-outlet) model.

From the Archives

We thought our customers and friends would enjoy seeing what life was like at Dynex about 60 years ago, shortly after construction was completed in 1957 of its present-day, Pewaukee, Wisconsin company headquarters.

We assembled together clips taken from the 8mm and 16mm films and created the following brief video for your viewing pleasure, and a unique peek into Dynex history!