Visit to Revathi Equipment India Limited

Revathi Equipment India Limited (REL) is a customer located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, in the city of Coimbatore. Dynex has supplied products and engineering support to them for 47 years!

Revathi has been a pioneer in manufacturing blast hole drills and water well drills used for mining, construction, water wells, and exploration. Revathi machines drill holes which are filled with explosives to break up the rock (over-burden) above the coal seams. The over-burden is continually drilled, blown up, and excavated until the coal seam is reached and mined. Coal India currently has over 1,400 Revathi drill rigs with Dynex products operating throughout India.

The Dynex team consisting of Ray Warell, Charles Brown, Dan Igielski, and Dave Meints visited the Revathi factory to meet with their management, engineering, manufacturing, and quality teams to discuss a wide range of issues and initiatives.

Additional opportunities to expand their knowledge and training on Dynex pumps and motors also took place on their shop floor. Engineers Dan Igielski and Dave Meints spent time with the Revathi team going over the disassembly of PV6000 series pumps and MF5000 series motor.

Dynex is a major supplier to Revathi because of our decades of outstanding customer support and they know our product quality and performance provides a competitive advantage for their machines which also increases their customers’ satisfaction with their drill rigs. Revathi drill rigs must endure the toughest environments on the planet, and they are expected to produce a high level of results for their owners. 

It is this reputation for quality and efficiency which Dynex products continue to provide on Revathi machines that will allow us to grow with them.

Charlie Brown

Vice President of Global Sales – Dynex/Rivett Inc.