COVID-19 – Dynex & Critical Manufacturing

Dynex/Rivett Inc. continues to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our personnel during the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Most office staff are now being required to work from home and our shop is limiting the exposure of personnel to each other while we maintain our production. 

Dynex is a manufacturer of items that are critical to the following industries:

  • Marine Transport
  • Aerospace Ground Support
  • Steel & Aluminum Production
  • Energy – Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas Production (On & Offshore)
  • Lock & Dam Control
  • Defense
  • Mining

The products we produce as a specialized manufacturer are critical to ensure that these industries maintain their operations and elements of the USA infrastructure remain intact. Our sales teams can respond to any of our customer’s questions while working remote. Our manufacturing teams will be working safely with management to ensure our customers can receive the service and products they require. 

Dynex will continue to monitor the situation and ensure the safest possible environments for our people during these difficult times. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Sales: +1 (262) 691-2222


Charles E. Brown Jr.
Director of Global Sales

Charlie Brown

Director of Global Sales – Dynex/Rivett Inc.