Dynex Passes ISO9001:2015 Audit!

Dynex is proud of achieving a new quality milestone! An ISO audit conducted on Wednesday, December 13th by Verisys Registrars determined that Dynex/Rivett Inc. met all the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 Standard. Dynex received its new ISO9001:2015 certificate on Friday, December 18th and has added it to our website.

The 2015 revision of the ISO9001 Standard includes a significant focus on minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities, which Dynex has incorporated into its quality management system as part of our ongoing effort toward continuous improvement. These new requirements will benefit Dynex, our customers, and our customers’ customers.

Dynex’s mandate is to provide exceptional hydraulic products and superior customer service while minimizing risks for customers or for their customers. Customers can be assured that Dynex continuously adheres to its quality management system when designing, manufacturing, assembling, testing, selling and servicing its electrohydraulic-pumps, motors, and valves. Additionally, new opportunities are created when Dynex aligns itself with its customers’ businesses to meet their needs and exceed their expectations for high-performance, reliability, quality and cost.

We look forward to achieving all the quality objectives that Dynex establishes and to ensure that when a customer receives a standard hydraulic component or custom product from “Dynex/Rivett, it’s the best they can get!”

Ray A. Warell