High Cycle Testing System uses unique Dynex technology

This High Cycle Test Stand developed by Dynex is an impulse pressure test unit used for qualifying hydraulic pressure containing components for research and development and for production testing. The unit’s high cycling rate and its exceptional energy efficiency make it a valuable and unique testing tool.

One customer’s testing program included simultaneous testing of ten components at intermittent impulse pressures exceeding 10,000 psi (700 bar). This Dynex system saved significant time and cost over conventional pressure testing methods.

A one million cycle endurance test completed in less than ten hours!

Impulse testing with Dynex Split-Flow® checkball pumps take advantage of the normal pressure pulses from each of the pump’s pistons. Based on an input speed of 1800 RPM, a one million cycle endurance test can be accomplished in less than ten hours. Pulse rates can be varied simply by changing the pump input speed. This is one example of the unique advantages of a Dynex checkball pump. 

Learn more about our unique Split-Flow® technology here.

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