Kaizen events improve Dynex manufacturing operations

“Kaizen” is a Japanese word that translates to “change for the good.” 
A Kaizen event is a team activity where participants make improvements to a process which they regularly perform. 

Our team of employees included personnel from our manufacturing engineering department, machine operators, inspectors, supervisors, and upper management to analyze and eliminate as many inefficiencies as possible from our current machining methods. 

For our latest event, we evaluated the setup and machining operations involved in the production of barrels from one of our many high-pressure, checkball pump product lines.

The use of Kaizen events is a winning proposition all around. Dynex management believes new ideas can come from anywhere, anytime, and from anyone at Dynex. We encourage all Dynex employees to be innovative, and to provide direct input toward improving the processes that they normally perform for the company. The results of these events help Dynex achieve greater manufacturing efficiencies, which provide the company the ability to continue to offer cost-competitive products for end users.

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