Learn why you should use Dynex hydraulics for aerospace component testing!

Did you know that Dynex manufactures components, power units, and even complete turn-key test stands used for testing aerospace components?

We created a new brochure to explain why Dynex hydraulic components are regularly used with aerospace fluids like: Skydrol, HYJET, MIL-SPEC, and more.

Find out why our products have been successfully applied in all of these applications:

• Pressure Testing
• Impulse Testing
• Performance Testing

You might also be surprised to learn that our power unit division can incorporate our high-pressure pumps and valves into custom designed motor/pump assemblies, HPU’s or even fully integrated and automated test stands. 

Download our new brochure to find out why you should use Dynex products for your next test circuit or as part of your new test stand design today.

Charlie Brown

Director of Global Sales – Dynex/Rivett Inc.