Sub Carriage Transfer
A Dynex PF500 Pump is inside of each transfer car used to move this submarine.

Dynex products for use in this industry:

PF500 Series Fixed Displacement Checkball Pumps

  • Pressures to 15 000 psi (1040 bar).
  • Bi-directional rotation providing constant flow direction regardless of drive shaft rotation.
  • Contamination tolerant, for operation in dirty environments.
  • A wide range of fluid compatibility, for reliable operation with low lubricity, low viscosity fluids.
  • Split-Flow® models can supply independent flows from up to four separate outlets.

Carriage transfer cars used to lift & move and submarine on land powered by Dynex PF500 Pumps

Moving a 6,000 ton submarine on dry land is a challenging task. In this application Dynex PF500 Checkball Pumps were chosen as the hydraulic pump at the heart of each transfer car that performed this amazing task.

This is a prime example where a customer selected a Dynex checkball pump because of our Proven Performance. Trusted Service.

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PF500 Series Checkball Pumps