Extremely heavy objects like this bridge section
can be lifted using this multipoint lifting HPU

HT Series HPU

LNG powered, multipoint lifting HPU

Dynex designs a Synchronous Lifting System HPU

Dynex worked with one of its customers to develop a custom hydraulic power unit that would provide similar output flows to 6 points of a lifting system. Engineers at our Power Unit facility worked with the customer to develop a system using a Split-Flow® pump, custom manifold, and DC controlled high-pressure control valves.

The hydraulic power unit had to operate in a remote environment, so Dynex engineers integrated a prime mover that ran on natural gas and used 12V DC controls.

The result was an effective hydraulic power unit that helped the customer lift a large structure successfully and safely. The project was so successful that the customer ordered a second system.

One Split-Flow® pump controls six jacks, without flow dividers!

Dynex multiple outlet pumps use Split-Flow® technology which provide multiple flows (up to 10) from a single checkball pump to provide­ synchronized movement of the jacks. Learn more about our unique Split-Flow® technology here.

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