Iron Bird - Aerospace Test Stand

A Dynex checkball pump operating at 8000 psi (550 bar) within GSE (Mule) connected to an Iron Bird at Rockwell International.

Dynex products for use in this industry:

PV4000-11 Series Pressure Compensated Checkball Pumps

  • Pressures to 10 000 psi (700 bar).
  • Integral pressure compensation for energy efficient performance.
  • Contamination tolerant, for operation in dirty environments.
  • A wide range of fluid compatibility, for reliable operation with low lubricity, low viscosity fluids.
  • Optional Fluorocarbon, or EPR seals for use with some phosphate ester fluids.

Dynex PV4000 pumps used to test 8000 psi (550 bar) aircraft hydraulic system

A PV4000 pump with variable delivery and high-pressure compensation was supplied to Rockwell International when the military was interested in upgrading military aircraft hydraulic systems to 8000 psi (550 bar). Rockwell International first conducted a study funded by the Navy to evaluate ground support equipment that could operate at higher pressures.

They first attempted to use a valveplate pump, but encountered heat dissipation and noise problems. They then tried the Dynex PV4000 Checkball pump. In their findings they described the Dynex pump’s performance, temperature stabilization, and noise levels as no less than “excellent”.

This is a prime example where a customer selected a Dynex Checkball pump because of our proven performance and trusted service.

PV4000 Series Pressure Compensated Pump
PV4000-11 Series Pump
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