PF500 Series Pumps

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0.21 to 0.69 gpm (0,79 to 2,59 L/min) at 1800 rpm
Rated: 10 000 psi (700 bar), Maximum: 15 000 psi (1040 bar)

  • Bi-directional rotation providing constant flow direction regardless of drive shaft rotation.
  • Shaft Options: Standard keyed, Optional spline.
  • Seal Options: Standard Fluorocarbon, Optional EPR seals for use with some phosphate ester fluids, or Fluorocarbon with high pressure shaft seal.
  • Split-Flow® models can supply independent flows from up to four separate outlets.
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Product Specifications

Pump ModelsFlow at 1500 rpm
U.S. gpm | L/min
Flow at 1800 rpm
U.S. gpm | L/min
Rated Pressure
psi | bar
Intermittent Pressure
Intermittent Pressure
Rated Speed
Max. Speed
 S.AE. Outlet Port:
Autoclave/Butech or British Standard Pipe Outlet Port:
 PF501H-110.170,640.20,7510 00070015 000104018003600
 PF504H-110.271,020.321,2210 00070015 000104018003600
 PF507H-110.371,400.451,7010 00070015 000104018003600
 PF510H-110.562,120.672,5210 00070015 000104018003600

Pump Selection Notes

  1. Ordering these pumps requires a complete model code specifying seal and port options.
  2. Output flows are based on typical performance using 100 SUS (20 cSt) mineral oil at rated pressure with pressurized inlet where required. Consult the Dynex sales department for minimum inlet pressure and for a review of applications requiring continuous-duty at rated speeds higher than 1800 rpm or lower than 900 rpm.


3D Model


Inside the Checkball Hydraulic Pump:
Design and Operating Advantages

An introduction to Dynex checkball hydraulic pumps and their unique design which allows them to operate reliably with a wide range of fluids at high pressures.


Split-Flow Hydraulic Pumps for Simplified Circuits

Learn how Dynex hydraulic pumps, with Split-Flow technology, can simplify multiple-function hydraulic systems. With their ability to provide multiple flows from one pump, multiple pumps in a system can be replaced by one Dynex multiple-outlet pump.

Service Information

2 reviews for PF500 Series Pumps

  1. Bob Easey


  2. Charlie Brown

    Pumps work great for small portable power packs and we order them all the time.

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